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Ballroom dancing as an intervention in enhancing physical fitness among the P.E. 2 students of Capitol University.


Sheilla M.  Mananggit

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School of Graduate Studies - Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology

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Thesis Degree
Physical education
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This study aimed to determine whether ballroom dancing can execute improvement on the selected physical fitness components among P.E. 2 students enrolled in Capitol University during second semester of A.Y. 2014-2015. The study employed the descriptive-correlation design. The study used Intact Group sampling procedure consisting of 436 student-respondents'. A pre-test on the selected components of physical fitness was conducted to all the respondents. Ballroom dancing as the intervention program was prescribed in twelve (12) weeks which after the completion of the intervention program the final test scores formed as post-test was conducted. The scores were subjected to statistical analysis using t-test to measure significant difference between pre-test and post-test at 0.05 levels. Pearson's r was used to measure the strength of the relationship between the variables. The respondent's performance on the selected components of physical fitness had a significant difference between the means of their rating from the pre-test in all components as indicated by the observed significant values (0.000). After the ballroom dancing intervention program, sex as moderating variables appears to affect flexibility as indicated in the coefficient of 0.417 showing moderately strong correlation. Age appears to be non-indicative of physical fitness improvement from pre-test to post-test because correlation coefficients are rather weak in all components. The same is true in the case of Body Mass Index. The improvement in the ratings of physical fitness components could be attributed to the intervention program conducted in between tests.


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